Factory Physics education and training enables participants to learn about and apply Factory Physics concepts and methods through a variety of learning experiences including, interactive learning, immersive learning and the Factory Physics certification program.

What Customers Say

“Factory Physics training provides your Supply Chain team with concepts and principles based on solid science that can be readily applied to improving your supply chain performance.”

Mike Gores

Global Supply Chain Manager
“I know of no quicker more effective approach to improving performance than the Factory Physics approach.”

Chandra Sekhar

Corporate VP of Manufacturing Strategy (ret.)
“I learned more about the underlying science behind the Toyota Production System from four hours of Factory Physics training than I did in seven years as a Toyota employee.”

Karthik Chandramouli

Director of Lean Transformation

Interactive Learning Workshops
(two-day sessions)

The Factory Physics Interactive Learning sessions enable customers to apply concepts and techniques with hands on tools. Factory Physics interactive courses are delivered by way of inhouse workshops or through Factory Physics ongoing public seminars. These courses combine lecture and learning by doing through various simulations and hands on tools.

Learn how to use Factory Physics to:

Increase Cash Flow

Reduce Inventory while Increasing Customer Service

Manage Low Volume High Mix Environments

Improve Assemble-to-Order Operations

Setup Effective Sales & Operations Planning

Optimize ERP Production Planning and Control

Sample Curriculum for Interactive Learning Workshops

Factory Physicist Certification

Inhouse Workshops

Target Audience

Key staff members



Duration / Timing

1 - Theoretical Lecture: 2 half-days
2 – Interactive Learning: 3 half-days
3 – Learning by Doing: TBD depending on the scope

Location / Date

To be determined by customer

Number of Attendees

Up to 20 people


02-03 FPI Team Members

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