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Gary Garret


Born in Tucson, Arizona on December 31,1942, Mr. Garrett was graduated from Tucson High School (1960), Stanford University (BA 1964), and Northwestern University (MBA 1966). He was an officer in the U. S. Navy from 1966-1969.
He and his wife Susan live in Chicago and he has three grown children -- Matthew, Christopher, and Alexis -- and five grandchildren. 

Professional Experience
From 1970 to 1999, Mr. Garrett was part of the Accenture (previously Andersen Consulting) professional services organization and was an equity partner since 1980. His primary experience was in the design and implementation of large-scale computer-based systems and the reengineering of core business processes in the consumer products industry (both retailers and manufacturers).   Primary business application expertise include customer service, logistics, procurement, and category management.   Major engagements included:

  • Order entry, billing and payment for a co-operative private-label supplier to over twenty member food retailers.
  • Development of application software for customer order processing, inventory control, and purchasing.   This software was highly customizable to the needs of many manufacturers and distributors.
  • Seasonal, promotional and new item order processing for the nation’s largest drug     retailer.   This project included retail item costing which incorporated freight-in, warehouse handling charges and freight-out in the delivered cost, permitting significantly improved item and store profitability reporting. 
  • Pharmacy order processing systems, which enabled national refills of prescriptions, dramatically improved reimbursements from third-party payers and very significant productivity improvements in the pharmacies.
  • Catalog order processing and inventory control, which enabled online reservation of inventory and fulfillment in eight very large distribution centers serving five national call centers.
  • Retail distribution center order processing and inventory control systems, including cross-dock as well as fill-from-inventory capabilities. 
  • Big-ticket (furniture and major appliances) order processing which included on-line reservation of supplier inventory from the stores, and sophisticated routing of orders from suppliers to over fifty cross-dock home delivery sites within two days. 
  • Re-engineering of Retailer procurement processes, dramatically reducing store and warehouse inventory, improving in-stock positions, and reducing administrative costs. 

Mr. Garrett was the Quality Assurance partner on numerous other projects and also served for over a year on a senior management technology review committee of the Department of Defense.
He retired from Accenture in 1999.

Other Affiliations

Mr. Garrett is currently the Board President of the LEARN Charter School, which provides a rigorous academic alternative for pre-K through 8th grade children in the West Side of Chicago. He also serves on the advisory boards of Alpha Capital III, LaSalle Capital Partners (private investment partnerships).