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Factory Physics Inc. provided a two-day training session for Whirlpool's product development experts in December. The session explained and demonstrated how operations science is a vital component of successful product development. Product development teams that focus on the Gantt chart approach to... Read more
Buckingham Lean Enterprise Unit has long promoted Factory Physics® as a major ‘breakthrough’ opportunity for Lean organizations and their managers. Unfortunately many Lean managers are simply unaware of the opportunities and potential that Factory Physics offers. Join us as Dr. Mark Spearman and Ed... Read more
Day 1 Flow Optimization, Planning and Control Day 2 Inventory Optimization Planning and Control By popular demand, we’ll start a new format in Dallas. One day on flow, one day on inventory. Attend either or both. Who Should Attend:... Read more
On April 23rd and 24th in Munich, Germany, Factory Physics is continuing it's successful partnership with PMI Gmpbh to provide understanding and how to apply practical operations science to make the best of their world with all its variability in product mix, demand, people, and processes... Read more
Who Should Attend: Anyone working in operations or supply chain roles interested in advancing their careers and their company's performance. Don't let the "Physics" in the title be intimidating. Understanding the content requires no advanced education or science degree. However,... Read more
Factory Physics training provides your Supply Chain team with concepts and principles based on solid science that can be readily applied to improving your supply chain performance. ” — Mike Gores, 3M Global Supply Chain Manager Factory Physics Inc. recently conducted a two day training... Read more
Click here to view the video clip. Jeff Bell is on the FPI Board of Advisors, is a Managing Partner of Arc Precision Inc. and is a Clinical Professor at Dominican University. Doris Davenport's show concentrates on community issues of the... Read more
​ ​ Factory Physics, Inc. is pleased to announce that Mr. Norbert Majerus, Lean Champion at Goodyear, has been selected as this year's winner of the Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award , for his book, Lean-Driven Innovation . In it Norbert writes, "One day a... Read more
Strategic Project Solutions ( http://www.strategicprojectsolutions.net ) has worked with major energy and civil construction customers for over 15 years applying the concepts of Factory Physics science to fixed site construction projects and... Read more
Following on to the successful launch of Factory Physics training in Dusseldorf April 11th and 12th, FPI is expanding its channels of education and training to meet increased worldwide demand. Companies are ready to move beyond the "management by slogan" and copycat initiatives that dominate the... Read more
Operations Research ("OR") became a discipline in World War II with the use of the scientific method to determine the best operational strategies to employ in submarine, air, and other forms of warfare. At the time, it was clear that the important discipline of Production and Operations Management... Read more
Day One - Flow Smooth, quick flow of products and information through a process is a highly sought after goal for many production managers. For services , there aren't the same physical products but activities and tasks have to flow through a process to complete the service... Read more
Day Two - Inventory Managers typically want less inventory and better customer service. Learn the basic science of inventory in a powerful, practical approach. The practical, scientific approach to inventory will be new to most managers that are not already familiar with Factory Physics concepts... Read more
Great Idea! Attending both days gives you a solid grounding in concepts that will immediately help you when you return to your job. Managers working without the basic science of operations leave their careers entirely too much too chance... Read more