Factory Physics Seminar, March 21-22, Buckingham, England

Buckingham Lean Enterprise Unit has long promoted Factory Physics® as a major ‘breakthrough’ opportunity for Lean organizations and their managers. Unfortunately many Lean managers  are  simply  unaware  of  the  opportunities  and  potential  that  Factory  Physics offers. Join us as Dr. Mark Spearman and Ed Pound of Factory Physics Inc. cover the practical science that you can use now to reduce cost and inventory and improve service in your operations.

For more information and to register, click here.

Assessment Offer - Get High Value Factory Physics Consulting and Analytics for Your Operations in the Month Prior to the Seminar
In support of the University of Buckingham seminar, Factory Physics Inc. will provide two of its powerful operations analytics assessments to companies with facilities in the UK.

The assessment consists of the following:

  1. Four weeks before the University of Buckingham's Factory Physics workshop, begin with conference calls to familiarize us with your operations:
    • Discuss company challenges
    • Pinpoint assessment focus
    • Discuss data required for analysis (provide data templates for the company to populate)

Over the remaining time before the workshop:

  1. Collect data on your operations
  2. Create preliminary CSUITE analytical models of your operations and discuss preliminary findings. CSUITE is our powerful operations analytics software.

In the 3 business days before or after the University of Buckingham Factory Physics seminar:

  1. Spend a day with at your site to see your operations and review our analysis
  2. Provide recommendations and expected benefits to reduce cost and/or inventory and improve service

This is a very high value engagement. In a previous similar assessment, we were able to show a client how to increase throughput by 30%. This was an operation the client had been working on for 15 years.

The client would be responsible for any Factory Physics travel and lodging expenses for our consultants traveling to/from Buckingham, England (or the seminar location, should it be somewhere else other than Buckingham). These should be minimal since you don't pay for Factory Physics' experts travel from the USA.

Only two of these assessments will be offered. Preference is given to companies with attendees at the University of Buckingham Factory Physics seminar.

For more information or to secure your assessment, contact Ed Pound, COO, Factory Physics Inc. via email at espound@factoryphysics.com or via mobile at +1.630.607.4851

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