Lean Physics for Managers: A Two Day Factory Physics Seminar, June 5-6, Chicago

Join us at the Digital Manufacturing and Design Institute's (DMDII) Chicago headquarters as two of the world’s leading Factory Physics authorities, Dr. Mark Spearman and Ed Pound, show you how to apply  operations science to accelerate success in your business. Learn how to quickly fix common mistakes in service, manufacturing and supply chain operations.

Taken from the award-winning book Factory Physics and over a decade of application in industry, The concepts provide practical, proven science underlying Lean and all performance improvement efforts. The science enables rapid improvement in concert with existing efforts and technology. The seminar will include interactive exercises to reinforce concepts and translate them to your business.  Participants will gain tools and techniques that can be immediately applied as soon as they return to the office.

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What industry is saying about the operations science of Factory Physics concepts:

“We have major defense customers who love our automation products but are confused about how to integrate it into their processes. Factory Physics for Managers provides a groundbreaking approach that helps us help our customers calculate ROI and helps our customers perform better. They all love its objective, scientific and practical approach.” — John Stevens, CEO, Visible Assets

“Factory Physics training provides your Supply Chain team with concepts and principles based on solid science that can be readily applied to improving your supply chain performance.” — Mike Gores, Global Supply Chain Manager, 3M

Benefits from attending:

  • Determine the most productive use of technology​​​​
    • Many technology implementations fail to achieve planned ROI and operations goals; learn how to avoid this critical mistake
  • Increase cash flow and reduce costs
    • Stop fighting with accounting over cost allocations; use practical operations science to quickly increase cash flow
  • Optimize inventory and evaluate capacity investments
    • Avoid common mistakes in safety stock and inventory policy management that cost millions of dollars
  • Improve customer service
    • Evade popular traps in operations that worsen customer service and decrease profitability

Workshop Content Description

Inventory Optimization benchmark available to early registrants.  You send us data on your parts and we'll provide you with a benchmark of how well you are doing versus optimal.  See how good you can get!  Click here for a short description of the results. For more info, send an email to benchmark@factoryphysics.com

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Early Registration (ends May 6th) $1,995 $1,595
Standard Registration $2,195 $1,795

Workshop Details

  • Date: Tuesday, June 5 + Wednesday, June 6, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
  • Location: 1415 N. Cherry Ave., Chicago, IL 60642
  • Early Bird Registration Deadline: Sunday May 6th at 11:59 pm CT (UTC -5)
  • Registration Deadline: May 27

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